Learn Kinyarwanda

Kinyarwanda is the language of Rwanda.

Here I have put a PDF at your disposal from the book Kinyarwanda Lessons written by Betty Ellen Cox and Gakuba Faustin.

Learn Kinyrwanda step by step in 125 lessons!

Learn Kinyarwanda (pdf)


Cécile Kayirebwa is a soulful singer and composer and a founding member of the Rwanda Song and Dance Circle since 1961. Kayirebwa‘s early interests in traditional music were strengthened when she traveled, as a welfare officer, to all regions of Rwanda. Leaving her native country, after her mother went to live with a Frenchman in the remote Belgian village of Lozere, Kayirebwa quickly adapted to her new home. Learning to speak French, she began performing French versions of tunes by Stevie Wonder and Jimmy Cliff in local discotheques. In 1983, she studied traditional music at the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Terveuren, Belgium. The following year, she joined Bula Sangoma.



  1. Irene Safari

    Hi, the Kinyarwanda lessons are so helpful but for a while now, I keep getting the message that no server found!
    Will the problem be resolved soon. Do you know where I can get a hard copy of the book Kinyarwanda Lessons, written by Betty Ellen Cox and Gakuba Faustin.

    • Marilyn

      Hi there,
      Thank you very much for your comment. I have put a pdf file of the whole book. You can just download it.
      Thank you for reading my blog! Take care…

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