About me and about this Blog!

O0. That’s me .0O

I’m Rwandan. (born and raised)

I’m Swiss. (re-raised)

But actually I’m just a global villager

Literature and Photography are my biggest passions

and I think somehow deep down,

I’m a freelance rebel

My posts are about Rwanda (but not only, I’d say).

Its political issues, its development and break downs ever since the Genocide in 1994… its artists, philosophers, economists, pragmatists… I want to write (so maybe you get to TALK) about makers & out-of-the-box thinkers. About dreamers and romanticist, about people like you + me.

I believe in dreams and romance and out-of-the-box, because dreams gives us hope and are the sources of our strength.Furthermore I believe that no matter how big your dream is, how hard to realize it may appear, you should never stop trying.

Never stop running after it, defining it. Until the day you have it. And start create a new dream…

This blog may contain everything that somehow caught my attention. I’d like to share these things with you, because only by knowing things we feel appealed to change them or improve them.

So, we need to know before we can do anything!

Thank you for reading my blog,

Thank you for being honest in your comments,

and Thank you for wanting to know!

Ignorance is vincible!

one world, one love

4u by mwoogie

(by the way that’s not me, on the picture)



  1. dreamer

    first of all thank you for sharing these thigs we us and to know we still have young black africain people around the world who make sure that the rest of the world dont forget us or just pretend they dont know whats going on
    i admire your courage and willpower but if you ask me about my opinion i will tell you that the rest of the world its not ready to share with us as one world but i do belive as long as we have fighter,people who really want a better world whitout racism,discrimination,war,ect…so they sill hope around!

    • maz woogie

      Dear Dreamer

      Thank you for your comment. Ur right. The world is not ready to change. but the world never was… and never will be. Because Justice never will find Emancipation. But it’s not about that…
      It’s about being aware and never stop moving forward.. Being aware means we need to want to know. But most people don’t even are ready for that.
      After all …changes happen in little steps. I’m might not be on the way now.. but I’m putting my choose on… and I’m checking my road out.
      Thank you very much for reading…
      wish you a peaceful weekend…
      sincerly maz


    its good to have people who are still interested in African issues especially Rwanda and to analyze how the intl hand continues to make Africa a living hell despite the fact that AFRKA is so rich…I will be happy to be changing ideas in your field with you.

  3. Ali

    I’m a publicist working with the NY African Film Festival. Your site featured the festival last year and we are hoping that you would be interested in receiving information about this year’s program which begins in April. This year the festival celebrates the United Nations International Year of Peoples of African Descent as well as the 50th anniversary of indenpendence in both Sierra Leone and Tanzania. We’ve got great films from throughout the Diaspora. Is there an email address to which more detailed information can be sent to you? Thanks!

  4. Aelch

    mir hend am Samstig uf de WG Party vo de Steffi gredet! Ich gang in 2 Wuche uf Rwanda für im Rahme vo minere Masterarbeit und du hesch gseit, dass mr eventuell no es paar gueti Tipps oder au Kontäkt chöntisch vermittle! Ha leider kei E-Mail adresse gfunde uf dim Blog, drum versuechis mol uf de Weg… chasch mr jo süscht mol es Mail schriebe! Merci!

    Gruess A

  5. J Boima Rogers

    I have written a paper making a case for Africa to host the next World Economic Forum conference. I have nominated three countries in Africa to host this event. Rwanda is one of those countries. If you would like to reprint my paper please go to my blog on http://www.oxfordmemo.co.uk to get the article. It is free but obviously you must acknowledge me as author as indicated at the bottom of the article.
    Regards Boima

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