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HATE RADIO: A return to the airways of the RTLM in 1994

If someone were looking for simple and effective means to prevent the genocide in Rwanda, wrote the US-American journalist Philip Gourevitch, the radio station “Radio Télévision Libre des Milles Collines” (RTLM) would have been a good place to start.

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In the months of April, May and June 1994, an estimated 800,000 to 1,000,000 of its Tutsi minority and thousands of moderate Hutus were killed in only 100 days. The tools used to humiliate and kill people of all ages and genders were simple: machetes, sticks, and a few guns. Indeed, the most powerful instrument of the genocide was the “Radio-Télévision Libre des Mille Collines” (RTLM).

With unspeakable cynicism, the staff of the popular station had been preparing the genocide like an election campaign for months. The program consisted of pop music, riveting sports coverage, political communiqués, and remarkably hateful calls to murder. The newest Congolese music and the most aggressive racial analyses were combined into a dreary few square meter laboratory of racist ideology.

HATE RADIO is a project launched by the International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM). In its artistic reenactments, the IIPM pays utmost attention to factual accuracy of an RTLM show. Extensive archival research and interviews with witnesses and survivors provide the foundation upon which the institute develops its projects. Run by its hosts : Three Hutu extremists and the white Italian-Belgian Georges Ruggiu, HATE RADIO returns RTLM to the airways in a reconstructed backdrop that remains faithful to the original survivors of the genocide are standing on stage.
With this approach the project shows how racism functions, how human beings are “talked out of” their humanity an instillation reconstructed from documents and witness statements provides the answers to these questions so that people can feel and experience these happenings for themselves.

An extensive volume of material, and various events accompanying the exhibit, help to expand HATE RADIO into a broad, interdisciplinary intervention examining the current forms and manifestations of racist violence in Europe and Africa, as well as the ability to represent racist violence as a work of art.

See Press Kit: Press-Kit_Hate-Radio_11_08_02


The International Institute of Political Murder was founded at the end of 2007 by writer and director Milo Rau, to strengthen exchange between theater, the fine arts, film and research about reenactment – the reproduction of historical events – as well as to reflect upon the theoretical aspects of this exchange.

The previous productions of IIPM, which were shown at numerous theaters in Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Africa, Austria, the USA and Romania, met international response and represent a new, documentary and aesthetic compressed form of political art.

The IIPM has its Headquarters in Switzerland and Germany.

For more information about the institute like project, lectures etc., please visit the site:

Website International Institue of Political Murder

Upcoming Performances of HATE RADIO:

18 May 2013, Halle Kalk Köln (Germany) Sommerblut

23 May 2013, CaféTeatret Kopenhagen (Denmark) Cafeteatret

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Critics pan Africa’s new patron of the sciences

Think scientific excellence and Equatorial Guinea may not
immediately spring to mind.

Still less might you think of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo,
whose 30-year rule over the tiny central African oil producer
country has left him with an international reputation for
corruption and civil rights abuses …

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We don’t need Justice but a new Order!

This is a very smart comment by Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmicheal) (1941- 1998) (watch vid, link below!!!!)

In this contribution Kwame reflects on the New World Order. Talking about the new restitance of the obpressed, exploitation, justice & order and the new pride of the obpressed.

This vid’ is a bit older but still very topical. I think what he says here is smart because he has got an important point there: No matter how often and how long we try to put up some new laws and fight against the exploitation we will always find ourselves stuck in this vicious circle of setting new rules, which we have to break again if we don’t want to fail again. We have to understand that is not about justice but about reordering our world. We will never grow above ourselves as long as we let the “obpresser” rise up, as Kwane explains.

So how are we supposed to grow out of this circle?

REORDER our mentality, our dependance. We still are not controlling half of our ways. By letting the “obpresser” be our “helping hand”, our “role model” we confirm the place the obpresser gave us in this world.  He extands (and destroys himself again), with OUR sources, while we just stay behind, split up in thousand little pieces, wondering where did we go wrong.  The past is the past. But the methods havent changed. They even worse… Back in time, it passed from King to King, now we have 1000s who want a piece of the cake. We lost any kind of transperence. Any kind of trust. We have to reorder our thoughts, think what do we want for the next generations and how are we going to get it. Are we ready to fight? Because indeed there are no compromisses… There’s just a yes or a no!

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4uby mwoogie

The source of Power

Posted on Monday 10 May 2010 – 16:14

Video made by: Isaac Eshun, edited by: Esme Atsyornu

Ghana is a highly religious country, you can find churches and prayer camps everywhere. Some of these churches and prayer camps provoke quite some debate. People pay for worshiping and redemption. Not all people believe the preachers speak the truth. Many others find truth in the ceremonies. Africanews went onto the streets of Accra and shows you what is happening.

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