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Lake Kivu to host Boat Cruise party this Saturday


by Bryan KIMENYI 22. August 2013

Photo: The New Times

A laid back Saturday full of music, free beer, food and fun — does that sound like your ideal party? If so, Lake Kivu is delighted to host you to its first ever boat cruise- dubbed the Barge Party on Saturday, August 24. 

It will be a time to let loose, float around and party. The barge is a 45m long transport vessel. The boat cruise is an opportunity for party goers to spend the day floating on the water.

The Barge Party starts at 10pm, at Primus Port in Kibuye and ends at dawn. DJ Gil Low and DJ Pang will be at hand to spice up the party mood.


“Nothing of a sort has been held there before. I want people to come together to share a unique experience aboard one of Kivu’s mystical barges and dance together amid a setting they have likely never seen,”

[Shawn Johnson, Party organiser]


For Shawn, the day is worth it and promises to be unique and interesting.

Shawn, who has lived near Kivu for almost five years, says that Lake Kivu is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. “I feel fortunate to have enjoyed this beauty for so long. It would be amazing to share this beauty with as many people as possible.

The Barge Party is a boat-only event.

 Photo: Lake Kivu (by CoxandKings)

Jacques Mudakikwa, one of the organizers said the barge party brings a new and innovative way for people to have fun.  “I have always thought that it would be great to do something with the old barges still working day and night on Lake Kivu. The burges on Kivu have a unique history and I thought they provide a unique setting to throw an all night dance party.”   Entrance to the Barge Party is Rwf15, 000.