Electrical Fence to Contain Human-Wildlife Conflict


Rwanda launches Electrical Fence On the Western Boundary of Akagera National Park to Contain the Human-Wildlife Conflict

Photo: Buffalo herd in Akagera National Park (Rwanda). Image: Flicker – Illume Creative Studio

Kayonza — Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has today launched the 110 km electrical fence on the western boundary of Akagera National Park to contain the human-wildlife conflict along the boundary.

Talking about the Akagera Park electrical fence inauguration, Rica Rwigamba, Head of Tourism and Conservation at RDB said, “The construction of the fence is in line with the government to reduce human wildlife conflict. We continue to work closely with Akagera Management Company to guarantee the safety of the wildlife and at the same time the protection of the surrounding community who are our keys partners in our conservation and tourism development efforts”

The electrical fence, which started being built in June 2011, was built by TNH-EME, registered in Rwanda. The fence is powered by solar energy, a resource abundant in the area, with power energisers.

Speaking at the launch, Minister of Internal Security, Mussa Fazil Harerimana said the fence comes as a remedy to the situation that had become critical in matters of human wildlife conflict.

“Now the population neighbouring the park will get the maximum of their farming activities without any threat”.

The neighbouring communities that have been affected by the negatine consequences of wildlife found outside are compensated following the compensation law that was passed last year. Furthermore, before the closure of the fence, water was provided to farmers who used to fetch it in the park area in the Sectors of Rwimiyaga, Karangazi and Ndego.

The Akagera Park counts many species including Buffaloes, Elephants, Hippos, Bushpigs and Baboons among others that were sometimes a threat to neighbouring communities before the construction of the fence. It is expected that reintroduction of animals such as lions will fast track to make the park more attractive as it will offer the big five. Fencing was one of the prerequisite to this reintroduction, AMC and RDB will now work on fast tracking this exercise.


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