RPF Urges Its Members to Spearhead Development of Communities


by Stephen RWEMBEHO, 20. August 2013 (The New Times)

Photo: posted by Peter (Author at Rwanda Express)


THE RWANDA PATRIOTIC FRONT (RPF) has challenged party members to spearhead the development of communities across the country.

RPF Commissioner Protais Musoni, speaking during a training of 140 party leaders in Eastern Province, said the journey to lead the country to economic stability was still on despite visible development in recent years.

The training was focused on imparting critical thinking, social politics, development and peaceful co-existence into the cadres.

“Our commitment as RPF is that every Rwandan lives a decent life… sustainable self-reliance for all is what we strive for,” he said.

Musoni, who was among RPF senior cadres who conducted the training, lectured the party leaders on philosophical reasoning, saying patriotism was the bottom-line.


“Patriotism is paramount. We must do what our nation needs instead of pushing for our individual interests. It is in this line that our actions will meet the demands of the vulnerable in the country,” [Musoni]

Appreciating the training:

Odette Uwamariya, the RPF chairperson in Eastern Province, reiterated the need for party members to engage in development plans of the country.

She said the training offered an opportunity to refresh the minds of party members, adding that the acquired knowledge would help them solve domestic problems.

“The training was timely and will help us develop our districts. It is also our obligation to help end domestic conflicts in some families. I am sure RPF members remain committed to community development,” she said.

Marie Claudine Mukamajwa, an RPF cadre from Ngarama Sector, Gatsibo District, said grassroots party members had started projects to develop their communities.

“The acquired knowledge will enhance development programmes we already have in villages. I can assure you, Rwanda under the leadership of RPF, is emerging from poverty to prosperity,” she said


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