RWANDA DAY: Delivering Prosperity


There are only three days left until thousands of Rwandans from all over the world gather together for this year’s


to reaffirm their core national value of Agaciro ( Delivering Prosperity)

For the forth time, after past events held in Brussels, Chicago, Paris and last year in Boston, Rwanda Day brings together Rwandan’s diaspora, friends of Rwanda, culturally interested persons, investors, business men and ladies, short:  Numbers of people with different backgrounds to celebrate and illustrate the country’s progress and problems and discuss ways of being part of Rwanda’s social-economic transformation.

An interactive panel with young professionals and entrepreneurs from Rwanda and abroad will discuss the country’s development goals, business environment and opportunities available for those wanting to be part of a country on the move.

An exhibition featuring Rwandan banks and real estate businesses will provide the chance for Rwandans living abroad to learn about financial services, including sending back remittances, and investing in the property market. A selection of companies showcasing Rwandan products will also attend.

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame is the Guest of Honor and will participate in an open interactive question and answer session with attendees.

The registrations will only end in two days:


Watch video:

President Kagame Rwanda Day Boston 2012


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