Koreans Support Macadamia Farming

The New Times

by Jean-D. NIYITEGEKA, 05.05.2013


Photo: rstours.com.au


The Korea International Corporation Agency (KOIKA) has urged Rwandans to take up macadamia farming as the trees can contribute to the country’s economy as most Rwandan areas are favorable for the crop.

Namhee Choi, the expert in food processing and volunteer in KOIKA made a call on Friday as students from the Institute of Higher Institution of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (ISAE), in Kigali Campus were planting the trees.

“Macadamia is very beneficial as it is used in producing different kinds of food,” he said.

Namhee added that according to research conducted in several districts, Kayonza, Nyagatare, Ngoma and Bugesera are best suited for the crop.

“It is clear that the Rwandan climate is favorable for the macadamia tree plantation and can generate income to its growers once it is well planted and well maintained.” reads one of the research findings.

Junghee Park, the KOIKA Public Relations officer said though macadamia trees arrived in Rwanda in 1980, people didn’t find interest in planting it yet it was important for the economy.

ISAE works closely with KOIKA in several domains to improve agriculture, forestry, food processing, and food stocking.

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