Impressions of the Jamafest 2013

Culture plays a powerful role in human societies especially in their maintenance. When nations, or societies united by culture, share not only territories but values and belief systems, great strength results. It is easy to know who belongs and who does not; food, customs, clothes, symbols, language and other factors are readily identifiable member distinctions.

In many traditional cultures, tribal cohesiveness is maintained through a calendar of ritual events in which the village frequently dances from dusk until dawn. Many people join in, so there is usually a lot of call and response with people singing in answer to the drums or other percussive instruments. These events are about celebrating together, as a tribe, a clan, a village. (read whole article)

a few impressions of the JAMAFEST 2013 (Mo.11.February – So. 17. February 2013)

Photo: Full escort by police and MTN bikers (newsofrwanda)

Photo: Burundians perform at the carnival dance fiesta in Kigali (

Photo: Tanzanian cultural group went wild and thrilled on viewers in style (newsofrwanda)

More info: JAMAFEST


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