The Spoken Word Thrills Attendees

For any poetry lover or art in general, all roads lead to the Manor Hotel in Nyarutarama yesterday  for the Spoken Word monthly episode organised by Spoken Word Rwanda.  The event, which ran with the theme Guilty Pleasures, started at 7.30pm and ended at 10.30pm.

“Spoken Word”, a monthly session that brings together poetry, art and live band music, took place on Wednesday night at exclusive The Manor Hotel in Nyarutarama.

The show that kicked off at 8:49pm, about an hour late from schedule, compensated for lost time with powerful poetry, interlude melodies accompanied by impressive guitar and piano performances from volunteers in the crowd and the occasional rib-cracking comedy from the MC.

What stood out the most though were the poetry recitals, done in a blend of English, French and Kinyarwanda under the theme “Guilty Pleasures”. Lines in particular poems ranged from stirring, funny, and nostalgic. After each poem, a long round of applause and ululation followed.

However, the night was brought to its climax by a “joke cracking” competition from four couples selected from the audience.

Performers at a past spoken word event. Inset Diana Mpyisi the event’s coordinator.

The winning couple earned itself a special dinner at hotel.

“I am so glad with the turn-up of this month’s event.

I only pray that a bigger number comes next time, “said Diana Mpyisi, co-founder and organiser of the Spoken Word initiative.

Source: BY IVAN NGOBOKA, 1 FEBRUARY 2013, The New Times

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