10 years Umushyikirano: National Dialogue Council to be held 13-14th. December

What is the Umushyikirano? 

Umushyikirano or National Dialogue is a home-grown forum for open dialogue between leaders and citizens. Chaired by the President of the Republic, the two day event was established in 2003 by the Constitution to facilitate direct participation of Rwandan citizens in issues of national importance.

 Who attends the Umushyikirano?

Umushyikirano is chaired by the President of the Republic and attended by members of the Cabinet and Parliament, state officials, local government representatives, Rwandan from all walks of life including those living abroad, diplomats, media and other guests.

Why Umushyikirano?

Beginning with the Urugwiro Townhall Meetings in 1998-1999 and throughout the last decade, Rwandans have used participatory dialogue to find lasting solutions to challenges facing the country. Umushyikirano also serves as a forum for government accountability.

How is Umushyikirano organised?

Umushyikirano is organised nationally under the coordination of the Office of the Prime Minister with local government representatives.

When is Umushyikirano held?

Umushyikirano meets for two days, once a year generally in December. This year it will take place on 13 – 14 December 2012.

Paul Kagame’s opening speech at “Umushyikirano 2011:

Source: http://www.umushyikirano.gov.rw/


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