Rwanda Calls On the International Community to Support New Regional Breakthrough for Solution to the DRC Crisis

Yesterday the government of Rwanda published this Press Release:


22 November 2012

Rwanda’s Foreign Minister today urged the international community to support ongoing regional efforts to resolve the crisis in Eastern DRC rather than pay heed to a recycled and discredited report by the UN Group of Experts.

Minister Mushikiwabo said: “Rwanda has made every effort to respond comprehensively to all allegations in this compromised report. We are not interested in rehashing all that is wrong with the report but the fact that it is labelled “expert” or “UN” doesn’t mean it is truthful. Rwanda is neither the cause nor a complicating factor of the problems in the DRC but part of the solution. ”

Minister Mushikiwabo said that the breakthrough reached on Wednesday in Kampala by Presidents Museveni, Kagame and Kabila was the best chance for peace in the region since the current crisis began:

“We in the region have spent many months working for a solution to this crisis, I hope our regional and international partners will welcome and support the agreement reached in Kampala this week by the heads of state of DRC, Uganda, Rwanda. It represents the most effective way to end the conflict and bring about peace and progress in the DRC.”

Minister Mushikiwabo pointed out that Rwanda was keen to see the new impetus succeed because the absence of solutions to the conflict in the DRC affects Rwanda negatively.

We are dealing with complex issues here, success doesn’t depend only on Rwanda and the responsibility of the international community cannot be pushed aside. We therefore hope that all parties will support this regional effort.


Source: ( Gorvenment of Rwanda)


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