Kagame assists Unity Club Consultative Forum and officiates Hotel opening

16. November

This friday, President Kagame assisted two important events in Rwanda. First he addressed the Unity Club Consultative Forum which was held at Parliament then later that evening he officiated the opening of Gorillas Golf Hotel – a chain of hotels established ten years ago.

President Kagame thanked members of the Unity Club and other Rwandans who have dedicated their time to promote unity and reconciliation in the Rwandan society. President Kagame said the interests of Rwandans are the same, although means used to achieve objectives may be different:

“When people are united, no challenge is insurmountable. Our unity is our strength. Unity does not necessarily mean that people have the same line of thinking; it means people have the same interests and priorities for their country. Unity is rock solid and harnesses national values and identity which drive the progress of any nation. People without identity and values are bound to fail.”

Read the whole articles here:

President Kagame concludes 5th Unity Club Consultative Forum

President Kagame opens Gorillas Golf Hotel in Nyarutarama




Source: Paulkagame.com


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