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The 75-minute movie in Kinyarwanda was produced by Trésor Senga, director of The Rwandan Eagles GRP film Production Company, with technical support from Almond Tree Films Rwanda.

Hundreds of youth and adults, as well as students from various schools attended its premiere two weeks ago at Serena Hotel in Kigali.

Speaking at the launch, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and ICT, Rosemary Mbabazi, commended the producer of the movie, noting that it would help the youth realise the dangers of drug abuse.

“With this film, we realise that Rwandan youth have solutions to the problem eating up our society and we shall support them so that they can educate others about the effects of using drugs,” said Mbabazi.

The “Chora Chora” movie shows how the young generation gradually starts engaging in the use of drugs at an early age at school.

It shows that although some youth may forcefully be influenced, others do it willingly and end up dropping out of school and becoming drug dealers.

The New Time: “Rwanda: Movie to Fight Drug Abuse Launched”


Rudoviko is an 18 year-old, an angel, who leaves his country village to study in a city of drugs consumption and trafficking.

In order to get money to cover some teenagers’ needs, he finds himself involved in this drugs circuit to which the local Police doesn’t hesitate to put an end.

The film pictures Rudoviko’s step by step confrontation with the world of drugs. And even when he ends up regretting and getting rid of all drugs, he can’t escape the Police’s black list.



Sources: allAfrica.com, igihe.com


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