Robert Bourgi- wounded pride or strategy?

Robert Bourgi, the name is everywhere right now, though not so unknown. The lawyer claims that he handed over briefcases full of cash from African heads of states to former French leaders such as Jaques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin.

Robert Bourgi is a private lobbyist, basically paid by different African heads of states, who have special favors and services in Paris. Over these past years Bourgi has maintained a remarkable close relationship to the presidential family of Senegal, the Wades. While the son of President Abdoulaye Wade, Karim calls Bourgi “uncle”, Rasseck Bourgi, the younger brother of Robert, has even made his internship in Me Abdoulaye Wade’ office at Thiong Avenue. It was nobody else than Robert Bourgi (with the help of Sarkozy as an intermediator) who made the handshake between Karim Wade and Barack Obama possible. Why would the same man give then secret informations to a journalist to vilify his “protected nephew”? Maybe that’s just how Robert Bourgi is. In June, he apparently contacted Karim Wade before metting former Prime Minister Idrissa Seck in a Parisian coffee house. Later he revealed contents of that conversations to a dakar newspaper.

So when did this story actually start to get out of hands?

If we take the exuded information into consideration, one can even bet that Karim’ surroundings were responsible.  Robert Bourgi lived then for Wade’s family. It is with hazard that Karim has the freedom to call him at 2h40 am, from Paris. So what makes that Robert Bourgi has successively briefed a journalist from the “ l’ Express” about this call and give more details about it after the denial of Karim, and ends by affirming that his “nephew” lied and he in fact, asked him to intercede with the French army on behalf of Karim to suppress the 27 June demonstration in Dakar?

Is it strategy or wounded pride?

It’s June 23. 2011, when President Abdoulaye Wade is forced to withdraw his constitutional review project. That’s the day Robert Bourgi has understood that, from that day on, Wade has started to lose the power. Wade must finish his mandate in 2012 and leave power with his son. The end is then imminent and all ends of a reign give place to this pathetic spectacle of passengers who leave the lurching ship to avoid shipwreck.

Jacques Chirac teaches us in his Memoir that there is nothing more harder for a political man the moment when the power leaves him with it, all his fans, sycophants, and other  occasional friends  worrying about their future. This is all about power’s friendship: they do not survive out of gold, pallening, shining of palaces.
Who on the coming Senegalese presidents will trust Robert Bourgi?


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