The British intelligence MI5 tells Rwandan ambassador to stop harassing dissidents in UK

According to The Independent the British intelligence is apparently unpleased by the presence of Kagame’s spies in the Britain. They informed Ernest Rwamucyo’s office to “halt an alleged campaign of harassment against suspected critics of his country’s government based in the UK.”

Queen meets Rwandan high commisioner Ernest Rwamucyo

The Rwandan ambassador Ernest Rwamucyo, who was due to attend he royal wedding as Rwanda’s envoy to London, was told by the Security Service that the UK’s £ 83m aid to Rwanda could be cut unless the secret activities against members of the diaspora were halted. Expatriates claim that they have been threatened and intimidated by diplomatic officials.

Rwanda’s top envoy is the latest among the 200 diplomatic invitees to the morning’s ceremony at Westminster Abbey whose attendance is controversial. Several of them have since been uninvited by the Foreign Office and Clarence House.

This is not the first time that the Rwandan diaspora has complained of Kagame’s spying networks. In the past, the networks have even included death squads to target opposition members. However, quite notably so, this is the first time that a powerful nation is officially recognizing this problem.

For the most part, this network makes it impossible for the diaspora to organize against Kagame. Apparently they use such methods as picketing, intimidating, blackmailing and faking charges against Kagame’s opponents.

Source: The Independent, Cry for Freedom in Rwanda


Ernest Rwamucyo is the High Commissioner of Rwanda to the United Kingdom.

Rwamucyo has extensive experience working on development and poverty reduction policies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

He has worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in New York as Policy Advisor on the Millennium Development Goals.

Prior to joining UNDP, Rwamucyo also worked for the Government of Rwanda as the Director-General for Economic Development Planning in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and also the Director of Strategic planning and Poverty Reduction Monitoring in the Ministry.

Rwamucyo was a researcher and Assistant Lecturer at the National University of Rwanda, has been Chair and member of Board of Directors of Several Public and Private enterprises and non-governmental organizations and formerly an expert at the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund.

Ernest Rwamucyo holds a Masters Degree in Development Policy and Planning from Cornell University and a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration from The National University of Rwanda.

Source: Rwanda High Commision, YouTube

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  1. Godfrey K

    Wow! It is so encouraging to see where you are HE Rwamucyo. I happen to be a Ugandan, much young than Rwamucyo, but my big brother grew up with Rwamucyo in the same orphanage. Wr really praise God for what he has done through you and for Rwanda as a country. Godfrey Kyazze, Michael Sserunjogi’s brother

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