Rwanda prosecutor wants to charge US lawyer for genocide denial

Rwanda’s top prosecutor General Martin Ngoga said on Monday that he is ready to file charges against the American law professor Peter Erlinder and force him back to Rwanda to face proceedings for denying Rwanda’s genocide.

US Lawyer Peter Erlinder handcuffed at Gasabo court

Ngoga said he has been strengthening his case against Peter Erlinder, who he wants to charge with genocide denial, based on articles Erlinder wrote that were published on the Internet.

Erlinder was jailed in Rwanda last year on allegations that he minimized the country’s 1994 genocide, but then released on medical grounds. The professor at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minn., has said he would return to Rwanda if charged. But he has also said he has “no doubt” he would be killed if he returns.

Erlinder told The Associated Press on Monday that he agrees that “many, many Tutsi Rwandans” were killed in a ways that meet the definition of the Genocide Convention.

Read StarTribune acticle here.

Source: StarTribune

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