Rwanda is threatening the United Nations…

The Rwandan government is threatening to withdraw its troops from United Nations peacekeeping operations if the world body publishes a report accusing the Rwandan army of committing possible genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the 1990s, Rwanda’s foreign minister said in a letter sent to the UN. read

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The UN Should Not Be Used to Tarnish Country

Kigali — JASON Stearns, reportedly an expert on DR Congo, was quoted by the BBC saying that the leaked UN report that accuses Rwandan soldiers and the AFDL, of various crimes in the DRC, against the Hutu people between 1996 and 1998, “will greatly tarnish the reputation of the current Rwandan government which prides itself on having brought to an end the Genocide against Tutsis.”

This is precisely the aim of the report. But will those who engineered it, succeed in their mission of tarnishing the impeccable record and reputation of the Rwandan government? Well I believe ultimately, the truth will triumph over this clearly politically motivated plot to undermine the government that not only, ended the Genocide, but has actively worked and participated in many efforts to advance the cause of humanity. read more


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