Sudan set for Bashir inauguration

Al Jazeera

Omar al-Bashir is set to be sworn in as Sudan’s president for another term after winning elections that were boycotted by major opposition parties last month.

Al-Bashir, the world’s only sitting head of state wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC), will be inaugurated on Thursday in a ceremony attended by several African leaders…. read

4u by mwoogie



  1. Daniel Berhane

    I think it is good news that Sudan held an election in along time, like 2 decades or more, plus it went peacefully.
    So…we cant expect much else, at least for now.

    • maz woogie

      Yeah, you right. this are the sixth parliamentary election after 1986 (almost 2 decades!). And yeah, this time… due to a long long preparation time of the South opposition could be held peacefully…
      I think I will post something to that.
      Thank you for your comment Daniel. I hope you are ok and wish you a very nice weekend.
      sincerly maz

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