The Lazarus Effect or 40cent a day against Aids!

A Friend shared this vid with me. I found it interesting.

The 30-minute documentary movie, produced by Spike Jonze follows the story of HIV positive people in Africa who were at death’s door and in as little as 40 days undergo a remarkable transformation to health, when they gain access to the 2 lifesaving pills that cost around 40 cents a day.

Directed by Lance Bangs.

Question: Can 40 cent a day really help?

Why not? If they can’t, they certainly don’t harm…

What is the Lazarus Effect?

(…) There are only two patients in Kinyinya’s eight-bed aids ward. Dr. Mutabazi introduces me to one of them, an emaciated man in his early 40s. “He was much thinner when he came in, three months ago, and so weak he was carried in by his brothers,” the doctor says. “Now he can walk again. He is on the mend.” Dr. Mutabazi explains that the man is a miller, “and women who bring grain to get milled sometimes slept with him to get served first. He doesn’t know who infected him, but thinks there are three main possibilities, women he was sleeping with in 1995. He became sick in 2002. It started with some small disease.”

One of the outpatients, a 35-year-old pregnant woman who is also on ARVs, is strong enough to lead us at a fast clip through banana and cassava shambas to her house, a few hundred yards from the health center. We sit on sisal mats in the front room. “She was infected by her husband, who died in 2004, leaving her with two children,” Dr. Mutabazi says, translating as the woman tells her story. “She found out that she had H.I.V. during a routine pregnancy. She never suspected she had it. She is from Gikongoro [about 70 miles southwest of Kigali], but she came here for treatment, which is common: usually they come from far away, because they don’t want the community to know. She made friends here and gets food from the center, so two years ago she moved here to be close to it. Later on, as you see, she became pregnant by a man, who also has H.I.V. He took off and is no longer in the picture. Her two children are with her mother, so there is social sharing of the burden. She has a support system, which many don’t. Even if she dies, her brothers will take care of her children, but she doesn’t think she will. Compared with the state she was in in 2004, she thinks she will survive. The ARVs have given her new life.”

These two survivors are examples of what is being hailed as “the Lazarus effect.” In the Gospel of John, Jesus raises a man named Lazarus from the dead, and in essence that’s what these drugs are doing for people with aids. Antonin Kratochvil’s photographs accompanying this article show the extraordinary transformation that can take place in critically ill patients after as little as 40 days of ARV treatment. While there is still no cure for aids, some patients have been restored to vibrant normalcy in just three months. (…)

read the whole background here

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