Ethiopia: Elections II

A top official of Ethiopia’s government said he is proud of the administration’s handling of what he called a free and fair vote…

(…) “We prepared ourselves for the last five years despite the allegations that democracy has narrowed down. All what we did was to expand the democratic spectrum and they show that a free and fair environment will prevail. That is what we have been trying to do and that ultimately has paid off,” he said. (…) article read

and… Meles Zenawi is optimistic !

Ethiopia Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said his economic record makes him highly optimistic of another term of office after last Sunday’s election. However, the opposition are crying foul and complain of fraud, which Zenawi has rubbished… read here

see also Elections results analyzed by Daniel Berhane:

Election Results by Daniel Berhane


Press conference of the African Union

view: Ethiopia: Election I

researched 4u by mwoogie


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