TIP of the day: Seasons of life… (Award-winning real african Movie!)


okay, guys… I guess we’re all spoiled with untainted Hollywood Movies where the lights, music, Costumes, Make-up and everything is so perfect that sometime we actually even feel ashamed to look the way we look…

But let me show u a real manufactured african movie. Directed by Zimbabwe-born Malawian Scientist Charles Shemu Joyah the movie tells about a childless couple Kondani (Bennie Msuku) and Thoko (Neria Chikhosi), who adopt a child from an orphanage. They employ an orphan, Sungisa (Flora Suya), to look after the child. Later Kondani sexually abuses Sungisa and makes her pregnant. He asks her to have an abortion but she refuses and runs away to her aunts place. He follows her and tells her that he can support her as long as she does not disclose that he is the father. She agrees and in turn gets financial support from Kondani. When Sungisa gets a scholarship to study at university, Kondani conceives a plan to get his son into his home. He convinces Thoko that they should adopt another child and asks Sungisa to leave her son at an orphanage, where he and Thoko then adopt the child. Thoko has no idea that they have adopted her husbands son. However, six years later, things come to a head when Sungisa comes back to claim her child. Helped by her sharp-talking feminist friend and lawyer, Tabitha (Tapiwa Gwaza), she sues for custody of the child.

I admit for our spoiled eyes it might come across “cheap”, to dramatic, or even hyperbolic, but this could be a real story and I posted it because,
this is a moving story about sexual abuse; the rights of women; the triumph of hope over despair; and the enduring spirit of motherhood.

cheers, this was it for today,

I’ll see y@ll tomorrow with new stuff, new stories… just as I promised!

Have a greeeeat saturday, whoever you are, whatever you do!

Thanx for reading my Blog! peeeaz maz’



  1. Bob

    I just saw this film last week, and I will have to say that it is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. Free of all the impurities that hollywood uses to catch our attention in movies with very horrible story lines. It’s so powerful that tears started rolling down my cheeks at the end of the film because I personally stumbled on a similar scenario…

    • mary_u

      Hi Bob.
      Thanks for ur comment. Im really touched by ur words. It’s nice to see movies like that do reach out …somehow…
      I’m glad u shared ur opinion!
      Have a nice weekend!

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