Apartheid Fighter dies at the age of 77!

I think this article is very relevant for a couple of reasons.

When we speak about South Africa and Apartheid we think of this abusive system under which the black majority of South Africa was curtailed by rules the white minority maintained.  So this article shows that they were indeed groups of white folks who were trying to fight against these laws.  I think it’s important we do look at that.

(…)Sheena Duncan, was the leader of the Black Sash, a women’s organisation which, during the apartheid era, worked for the advancement of basic human rights and civil liberties for South Africans bearing the brunt of apartheid injustices. (…)

(…)The Black Sash still provides much-needed paralegal services to those in need through their advice offices situated in various cities. The organisation was founded in 1955 on the principle that through both individual and collective practical acts of assistance and voicing grievances, people had the ability to confront the Government and to effect some change. (…)

Sheena was a fighter. Not only she stood up for the minoritiy, whether she could have not cared at all, coming from a middle class white family. And but she didn’t leave the mostly manly lead government intimidate her in fighting for what she believed was right!

R. I. P. , Sheena!! That your good spirit inspires all the women out there, who are fighting for the right thing!

See the NY times article:

NY Times



The Presidency

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