“Joseph Kony is not in Darfur,”

“Joseph Kony is not in Darfur,” Sudanese army spokesman Sawarmi Khaled Saad told AFP.

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Who’s Joseph Kony?

Joseph Kony is one of the most vilified rebel leaders on the planet. He stands accused of brainwashing countless children across northern Uganda, turning the girls into sex slaves and the boys into prepubescent killers. His so-called Christian movement, the Lord’s Resistance Army, has terrorized a corner of Africa for nearly 20 years, killing tens of thousands of people, burning down huts and hacking off lips. The fact that Mr. Kony, whose followers believe he is a prophet, rarely appears in public has only added to his brutal mystique.

Exiled to a fiefdom on the border of southern Sudan and the Congo, Mr. Kony has in recent years emerged from the wilderness indicating a willingness to sign a historic peace deal with the Ugandan government that would disband his army. But on April 10, 2008, he once again demurred, saying he needed more time to consult Ugandan elders and contemplate the war crimes charges he faces from the International Criminal Court.

View his very first Interview with Sam Farmer !!!



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