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My first Post is dedicated on:

How to research the right information about a past incident.

I guess it has never been so easy to get information as now a days. And it has never been so hard to get the right ones. Since the World Wide Web absolutely everybody no matter of age, knowledge or credibility is a journalist, a blogger a producer whatsoever. So whenever you’re looking for good sources about a certain incident, you’ll find yourself overflowed with informations. For example you can find a lot of articles and coverages and even movies about the Genocide in Rwanda. A few are good but lots of them are factual just fragmentary. The worse are unscreened summarized articles à la “Wikipedia” (please note that “Wikipedia” is an uncomplicated and extremely helpful platform to get a quick generalized survey. But the insertions should not be mistaken as the only, ultimate and universal position on a subject.). As usual the best informations are always given from an impartial (if that exists) journalists who reported about the tide of events on the spot. To get an outright and complete overview of an incident in the past you rather consult a newspaper’s archive (lots of them are linked with helpful blogs!) or better give in an advanced search on Google News archive.

Google News Archive

BBC Archive 1950-2005

News Library (USA)

International New Archive on the Web


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